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Pooza Jr is a place for lesbian/wlw moms/enby parents and their children, 12 and under, to immerse themselves in a rustic group camping environment with nature-centered crafts and activities. We believe Pooza Jr families will greatly benefit from this opportunity to connect with other families that share similar family dynamics. Kids at Pooza Jr can make friends and see that there are other families out there that look like theirs and parents get to grow community and take the connections they make back into the real world.  

Pooza Jr is a camping event centered around lesbian/wlw parents and their children. This includes all WLW parents (including trans and enby parents) who find comfort and community in lesbian family centered spaces. Children of all genders 12 and under are welcome.  This is not a camp for men.

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Camping Tent View

Pooza Jr will be held in the organized group camping areas at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania.  We have three group tent campsites next to one another for 60 people each. There may be other groups camping near us that are not associated with our event.


All children at Pooza Jr are to be supervised at all times by their parent/s or guardian.  Pooza Jr staff and volunteers always have safety on their minds when putting together any camp, activity or event, however parents are ultimately responsible for the physical and emotional safety of their children.  Parents will know of each activity ahead of time and should decide if it is an activity their child will enjoy and be safe participating in.  We make suggestions of what age group we believe would enjoy each activity but you will be the final deciding authority of your child participating. This weekend is designed to be a “choose your own adventure” styled camping event. You and your child/children can opt in or out of any activity we provide at camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the weekend and what are the hours?

June 14th - June 16th, 2024

Most likely 3pm on the 14th until 1pm on the 16th. All campers must arrive to camp before 7pm on June 14th and be off the campsite by 1pm on June 16th.

Where is Pooza Jr?

2024 will be in the Organized Group Camping sites at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania.

Who is Pooza Jr for?

Pooza Jr is a camping event centered around lesbian/wlw parents and their children. This includes all WLW parents (including trans and enby parents) who find comfort and community in lesbian family centered spaces. Children of all genders 12 and under are welcome.  This is not a camp for men.

Who is responsible for my child's safety?

The child's parent or guardian is responsible for their safety.


Lezapalooza volunteers and staff do our best to create a safe environment (both physically and emotionally) but ultimately that is %100 the parents responsibility. Staff and volunteers are not responsible for supervising or babysitting any children, just providing fun!

When do Tickets go up for sale?

Hopefully March 1st.

How much will the tickets cost?

Tickets range from $232 for a single parent and child to $371 for a family of three. To add a parent is an additional $53 and to add a child is $26.50.


Can I just come for the day?

Not this year.


What if it is a wash out?

Pooza JR is rain or shine! So come prepared for a wash out and hope for 70s and sunshine. If Poza JR has to be canceled due to severe weather, there is no guarantee of any refunds. If money is left over after paying all our bills for the camp, we will try to return some funds however this is not guaranteed.


Can I have a refund?

Yes. 100% refund up until March 20th.  50% refund until May 1st. 20% refund until June 1st. No refunds after June 1st.

What do I camp in? Where do we sleep? 

The sites we have rented are for tenting only.  You must bring your own tent. Tents are not provided.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

No. This event is fully outdoors where the risk of transmission of viruses is low.

Can I transfer my tickets?


Do you offer a BIPOC discount?

Yes - $20 off your ticket with discount code "Bipocfam".

What does the campsite look like?

This is as rustic as it gets PLUS a water source (a well).  This campsite looks like any other random spot in the woods with tall trees PLUS a firepit and some picnic tables. 

How big is spot for my tent?

10 feet wide by 10 feet long.

What will I need to bring for myself and my kids?

Anything and everything you think you would need. You will be able to park near the campsite so don't hesitate to overprepare and store extra gear in your car.  If you forget something important, you can leave camp and come back.

What kind of activities will be provided?  Do we have to participate? 

We are still working on this! We have a team of volunteers planning your activities as we speak! Activities will be designed for kids to enjoy either WITH their parents or in front of their parents. They will likely all be centered around nature whether that is a hike, a swim or crafts with sticks, leaves or mud. We will provide at least one activity for each age group from 1 to 12. We are open to suggestions at the moment! 

Pooza Jr is a choose your own adventure style camp. Join in on all the activities we offer, or you and your family can go off and do your own thing. 

Can I leave camp and come back?

Yes. All campers can come and go as they please.

Are Transwomen loving women who are parents welcome?


Im a bisexual/pansexual/asexual parent. Can I come to camp?

Yes, all wlw parents are welcome.

How physically accessible is this campsite?

The road coming in is gravel and the ground at the camp site is uneven.  For more information, please click here.

Can I arrive after registration closes?

No. You cannot arrive after 7pm.

What food is included with my ticket?

Pooza Jr is providing Smores Friday night. Lunch and Dinner on Saturday.  Menu will be released much closer to the event. Due to not having a kitchen, meals will be very simple, and we cannot accommodate special requests. 

I am Vegetarian or Vegan. What are my options?

We will let you know much closer to the event.

Can I bring a grill?


Can I bring alcohol?


Can I bring my animal?

No, unless it is a therapy/support dog.

Can we camp in our car?


Can I bring my kid/s?

You MUST bring your kid/s silly!!

Are their toilets?

There are only Porto potties at the moment.

Are their showers?

According to staff at the park, there are showers.  They are a 10-minute drive away and cost $5. 

How can I pay for my ticket?

Credit or debit card only.

Can I bring drugs? Weed?


Is there electric?


Is there a water source?

Yes. There is a well pump about 200 feet from the campsite. We will provide free bottles of water.

How is Pooza Jr related to Lezapalooza?

The same four people who organize Lezapalooza, organize Pooza Jr!  We had so many of our campers at the retreat say they wish they could bring their kids. We also have plenty of people who don't come to Lezapalooza because they don't want to leave their kids behind. PROBLEM SOLVED! A separate camp that is kid friendly, focusing on providing a safe, fun, activity-rich weekend for Lesbian moms and their children. 

Will I experience the same things at Pooza Jr as I did at Lezapalooza?

Yes and no. 

The yes - At Lezapalooza our campers express feeling safe, free, and more connected to their community and themselves than ever before. This camp is intended to make our moms/parents and our kids feel the same. 

The no - Anything considered inappropriate for children will absolutely not be happening at Pooza Jr.

How do I stay up to date?

Send us an email to with 'Pooza Jr' in the subject line.  Ask us to add you to our mailing list to be included in any email correspondence we send. 

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