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Lezapalooza aims to provide a weekend of easy camping for a diverse collective of women to let their hair down, laugh, enjoy music, art and friendly competition. These are photos of our 2022 event, picturing campers leaving behind the pressures of the everyday world and experiencing freedom in nature with our community.  Lezapalooza provides opportunities to participate in workshops, communal meals, entertainment events, activities and everything an adult camp should be, in a beautiful, North Jersey setting with on-site lakes and hiking trails.

Lezapalooza 2024 is September 26th through September 29th!
Ticket are on sale now!

Lezapalooza's retreat weekend draws an incredibly diverse crowd in terms of age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and identity. This is a sapphic space curated for Lesbian women, however anyone who is a WLW in any capacity, including our non-binary family who find a sense of comfort and community in women-centered spaces are welcome. Trans women of a sapphic nature are welcome. This is not a retreat for men. Note that anytime Lezapalooza utilizes the word "women'' we are referencing trans and cis women. Any time we utilize the word "men" we are referencing trans and cis men. With regard to these guidelines, we trust that all those interested in coming have the ability to evaluate their own potential presence at this retreat.

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