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Meet The Team


Liz Klak

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Liz, Lezapalooza’s Grand Pooba and Host with Most, currently lives in Central New Jersey. Originally a transplant from Missouri, she moved to the East Coast in 2008. She works as a Lineman, AKA Linema’am, for an electric company for the past 14 years. When she isn't turning you on (your lights, that is), she is wrestling with her dog, Diggy, and doing endless yard work on her five-acre property! Liz loves softball, making others laugh, working in her garage, and being the butchest butch a butch can be.

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Carina Jamison

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Carina is the Chief Financial Officer who currently lives in Phoenixville, PA, and works as a Staffing Scheduler for a Healthcare Staffing Agency. Carina is a second-hand bargain hunter extraordinaire who loves to upcycle. When Carina isn’t thrifting, she is binging true crime podcasts and squeezing her kitties faces off. Fun fact: Carina can sing but won’t do it front of large crowds!

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Melissa Puleo

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Melissa (call her Melissa, PDog or Puleo (puh-lay-oh)) is the Chief People Officer who landed in Phoenixville, PA after undergrad. She has a masters in Environmental Policy and loves the outdoors (especially camping). Sports (duh, softball), video games, and woodworking are just a few of the things you’ll catch her doing in her free time. Fun fact: Melissa has an amazing onesie collection and a budding Lego addiction.


Jessica Orso

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Jessica is the Chiefess Operating Officer who currently lives in Lower Bucks County, PA. She's worked at a real estate start-up in Center City Philadelphia for five years, so her M-F is fast-moving and incredibly dynamic. Her weekends are for being outside with friends, family and her partner, enjoying picnics, hiking, river tubing, softball, gardening, the beach and, of course, camping! Fun opinion: Jessica's cat and dog are her favorite people. 

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